Ramdas Sen Collection

Ramdas Sen (1845-87) of Baharampur, West Bengal was a noted writer and scholar. He was member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the Sanskrit Text Society of London, the Oriental Academy of Florence, the Societa Asiatica Italiana, Royal Society of Great Britain and many other learned societies.

He was a discerning collector of old and rare Bengali and Sanskrit books. His collection of about 3500 books was donated to the National Library in 1951. The collection is rich in books on history, literature, philosophy and religion. It has some rare items like Rennel’s Bengal Atlas (1770). It also has around 75 Bengali and Sanskrit manuscripts.


Barid Baran Mukherjee Collection

Barid Baran Mukherjee (1874-1940) was a doctor and book collector, with a library of around 50,000 books. He bequeathed 30,000 books to Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, and 3000 to the National Library. The collection contains many rare items on Indian history and culture.