2. Powers and Duties of the Officers and Employees

Sl. No. Designation  Powers and/or Duties 
GCS Group 'A'
 1. Director
[1 post]
The Director, National Library is the Head of Department exercising the said powers as detailed in delegation of Financial Rules, 1978, General Financial Rules as well as other Government Rules in force; the Director, is the Appointing Authority of officers and staff upto Group 'B' Gazetted Officer level; the Director is also the Disciplinary Authority for employees of National Library upto Group 'B' Gazetted Officer level; the Director functions as the Estate Manager of the National Library, Belvedere Estate/Campus, Alipore, Kolkata.
 2. Principal Library and Information Officer (PLIO)
[2 posts]
PLIO is the professional head of the National Library.Prepares plans and projects for development of the Library including its annual action plans; supervises activities of the Library & Information Officers under them and guide them to execute plans and projects of the Library; controls professional activities of the Library; represents the Library in all professional outdoor meetings, seminars and conferences; convenes technical meetings with professional members of the Library; in the absence of the Director, PLIO may exercise administrative & financial powers of the Director if and when they are delegated to him/her; maintains liaison with superior officials in the Ministry of Culture and/or senior professional librarians and faculty members of Library & Information Science departments for transacting matters of professional interest; any other items that the Director desires to be executed by PLIOs.
 3.  Senior Administrative Officer (SAO)
[1 post]
SAO performs the duties of the Head of Office, National Library; prepares budget estimate; controls expenditure; maintains accounts; deals with recruitment of staff, their promotions and other benefits; maintains discipline and order; purchases of various items, etc.; maintains liaison with officers and carries out instructions of the Head of the Department;
 4. Library and Information Officer (LIO)
[5 posts-5 vacant] 
LIOs assists the PLIOs in professional/technical matters; guides activities in all the professional / technical divisions / sections in the Library.
 5. Senior System Analyst (SSA)
[1 post-1 vacant]
SSA proposes plans of computerisation and related aspects of Information & Communication Technology in the Library and on the instruction of PLIO executes them.
 GCS Group 'B'
6.  Administrative Officers (AO)[2 posts]
AO looks after the work of the Administrative and Accounts Divisions including Supplies and Services Section; performs duties of Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO); assists the SAO by completing all related paper work and giving necessary suggestions.
 7. Garden Superintendent (GS)
[1 post]
GS maintains the gardens and lawns of the Library; supervises work of Chowdhuries and Malis (gardeners).
 8. Hindi Officer (HO)
[1 post-1 vacant]
HO initiates action for the implementations of Sections 3 (ii) and section 3 (iii) of the Indian Official Language Act; organises work of the Official Language Implementation Committee; maintains Hindi correspondences, translations and printing work of all forms, annual reports, other publications, orders and circulars, etc.; implements programmes and instructions received from the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the use of Hindi and Hindi Teaching Schemes.
 9. Security Officer (SO)
[1 post]
SO executes all activities related with the Security and Conservancy Divisions; shoulders responsibility for administrative jobs in the Division; recommends plan, policies and adopts appropriate security measures for the protection of the Library property including its holdings.
10.  Assistant Library and Information Officer (ALIO)
[38 posts-12 vacant]
ALIO executes all the activities of the professional and technical divisions concerned; supervises technical work and submits plans and proposals for development of their units; maintains day-to-day administration of the unit(s).
 11. Assistant Library and Information Officer (Laboratory)
[1 post] 
ALIO (Lab) executes activities of the Chemical Laboratory; shoulders responsibility for the upkeep of reading materials of the Library; ensures pest control.
 12. Assistant Library and Information Officer (Microphotography)
[1 post]
ALIO (Microphotography) supervises and maintains various technical operations related with microfilming of documents including quality-control of exposed microfilms; maintains different equipments of the unit; submits plans and proposals for the development; runs day-to-day administration of the unit.
 Group 'B' (Non Gazetted)
13.  Superintendent
[7 posts]
Superintendents supervises establishment & accounts works with regards to: recruitment; promotion; confirmation; confidential report dossiers; SC and ST Cell; vigilance; Court cases; policy & planning; holiday roster duty; central diary & despatch; central sorting; CPWD; Estate; public relations; welfare of staff; budget; all kinds of bills; children's educational allowance; tuition fee cases; leave accounts; maintenance of service books; issue of identity cards; CGH Scheme; supply & services; central stores of the administrative division, etc.
14.  Assistant Security Officer (ASO)
[1 post]
ASO is the second in command of the Security Division; deals with security and conservancy units; answers to the Security Officer for all matters relating to security of Library properties & administration of security staff and safaiwalas; liaison with other units. 
15.  Stenographer Grade-I
[1 post-1 vacant]
Stenographer Grade-I provides personal assistance to the Director; takes dictation; maintains diary & files; attends telephone calls; all other allied ministerial work.
GCS Group 'C' 
 16.  Senior Assistant
[16 posts]
Senior Assistant attends to correspondence with the Ministry; deals with vigilance cases and returns; matters related to public grievances; general correspondence; Parliamentary queries; prepares/scrutinises/checks monthly salary bills and all other bills; issues salary certificates; checks/processes house building advances, etc.
17.  Hindi Translator (HT)
[1 post]
HT attends to all work connected with Hindi; Hindi correspondence training; translation work from English to Hindi & vice versa; preparation of bilingual forms; Govt. Orders and Circulars regarding Hindi Teaching Scheme ; Parliamentary queries connected with Hindi.
18.  Assistant
[21 posts-1 vacant] 
Assistant carries out ministerial jobs in the establishment and accounts e.g. Correspondence; various returns; maintenance of service books; preparation of duty rosters; leave records; allotment of Government accommodation; maintenance of records there of.
19.  Caretaker
[1 post]
Caretaker looks after the work of the safaiwalas is the conservancy unit; supervises overall maintenance of the Library buildings and premises; keeps everything neat, clean and tidy.
20.  Stenographer Grade-II
[1 post]
Stenographer Grade-II takes notes and dictation from the officers; maintains files and documents; types out matter; carries out orders of the officer to whom attached.
21.  StenographerGrade-III
[5 posts-2 vacant]
Stenographer Grade-III takes notes and dictation from the officers; maintains files and documents; types out matter; carries out order of the officer to whom attached.
22.  Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
[69 posts -19 vacant]
LDC carries out routine ministerial jobs, like correspondence; records and indexes office files; maintains old records; copies bills etc; receives letters; despatches all outgoing letters, packets, parcels, etc.; maintains service stamp accounts; V.P. accounts; does general typing work (Hindi and English); prepares press copies of cataloguing cards.
23.  Driver
[2 posts]
Drives the office cars to destination, as per requisition; keeps the vehicles in order and maintains them; keeps up to date record and the log book.
24.  Library & Information Assistant (LIA)
[General & Lang.]
[138 posts -55 vacant]
LIA attends to professional and technical work like classifying, cataloguing of books and periodicals and filing cards etc; process reading materials in MARC 21; accessions new books; re-catalogues old books; proof reads printed catalogues and other publications; deals with loan of books to local/outstation borrowers; prepares bibliographies; supervises book s and periodical movement from and to Stacks; maintains arrangement at stacks; provides reference service; monitors issue counter and other user-interfaces; guides users; other related technical matters. 
 25. Library & Information Assistant
[1 post]
LIA (Preservation) monitors the progress of binding and mending units; submits reports to the ALIO; selects and determines priorities of work in the binding and mending units.
26.  Library & Information Assistant
(Machine Operator)
[3 posts-1 vacant]
LIA (MO) determines doses and strength of solution and mixture for applying them on reading materials; maintains machine and tools regularly; maintains record and stock of insecticides; maintains and operates DTP, off-set machines including preparation of master films; maintains record of off-set printing materials.
 27. Library & Information Assistant
[4 posts-3 vacant]
LIA (Reprography) exposes the microfilms, both negative and positive; processes exposed microfilms including editing; prepares for microfilm print out, bromide enlargement printing etc.; prepares chemicals; attends to general photography; other jobs related to microphotography; makes entry in the Indent Register, microfilm job register; collection of documents; arranges material for microfilming and does all such other preparatory jobs.
 28. Library & Information Assistant
[2 posts]
LIA (Laboratory) examines the books to determine various chemical treatments at the Laboratory Division; examines the reading materials on the shelves for selecting pest control; examines the stains on books and maps vis-à-vis their chemical character and determines nature of treatment required; treatment of prints, drawings and paintings.
 29. Library & Information Assistant
[1 post-1 vacant]
LIA (Display) organises exhibitions; keeps account of various exhibits; arranges loan of special exhibits from other institutions; performs other jobs related with exhibitions.
30.  Gold Finisher (GF)
[4 post] 
GF carries out gold/silver lettering and tooling jobs.
31.  Library Clerk (LC)
[66 posts - 49 vacant]
LC supplies books and other requisitioned materials to readers and borrowers; assists the Library and Information Assistants in their work.
 32. Library Clerk (Binding)
[17 posts -10 vacant] 
LC (Binding) checks the binding; attends to patch repair; performs binding work.
 33. Library Clerk (Mending)
[18 posts-5 vacant]
LC (Mending) examines and sorts books for mending; repairs brittle books with tissue paper and dextrine paste; applies leather preservation mixture and fungicide solution.
34.  Library Clerk (Reprography)
[3 posts-1 vacant]
LC (Reprography) assists the LIA (Reprography) at times of operation of microfilm camera; microfilm positive printer; microfilm reader printer; microfilm enlarger; photocopy machines; preparation of chemicals; enlargement printing; processing of exposed microfilms etc. 
35.  Library Clerk (Laboratory)
[2 posts-2 vacant]
LC (Laboratory) carries out de-acidification of books and records required for the lamination in the division; prepares saturated solution for various chemical treatments viz (i) leather preservative mixture (ii) fungicide solution; prepares dummies of books received for fumigation; maintains records of books treated; arranges sheets before and after treatment; assists in checking of books in stacks for treatment.
 GCS - Group 'D'
36.  Senior Library Attendant (SLA)
[49 posts-1 vacant]
SLA sorts and restores books/other reading materials after use by readers; maintains records of books, calculation of periodicals, gazettes, official publications, etc; helps the LIA and LC; performs duties at issue counters; helps the LIA (Reprography) in darkroom jobs including processing, washing, drying microfilms, microfilm enlargement prints, microfilm printouts, etc.
37.  Library Attendant (LA)
[18 posts-1 vacant]
LA labels new books; re-labels old books; pastes book labels and book plates; helps in readers service; attends to requirements of the Director and other senior officers; affixes postal stamps on the outgoing letters, telegrams, packets, etc.; maintains recorded files, old files and papers, etc.; makes packets and parcels; prepares envelopes in bulk for dispatch..
38.  Junior LibraryAttendant (JLA)
[76 posts -24 vacant] 
JLA collects and deposits bills, parcels, cheques etc. from the Pay and Accounts Office, post office, banks, railway stations; sectional work; dusts and cleans books, stacks, racks, etc.; shifts large segments of collections of books from one area to another; carries publications from/to stack rooms for users. 
39.  Labourer
[10 posts]
Labourer opens and closes doors and windows; assists in bindery; cleans and washes machines, tools and utensils; assists the LIA (Machine Operators) with off-set, DTP machines in preparation of masters; helps in printing in DTP and Offset machines.
40. Gestetner Operator
[1 post]
Operates Gestetner Machine for duplicating work. 
41.  Head Guard
[4 posts]
Head Guard supervises the duty performed by the Guards and allots duties to latter.
42.  Guard
[33 posts -11 vacant]
Guards monitors movement of people and vehicles through gets of the Library compound; guards the Library and its property round the clock; opens and closes all doors and windows of the Library buildings.
43.  Chowdhury
[3 posts]
Chowdhury supervises the work of Malis and inspects the garden; reports process of work to Garden Superintendent; shoulders responsibility for seasonal operations like pruning of hedges; grafting in shrubs; supervise the handling of the lawn mowers and other garden implements; sows seeds in nursery etc.
44.   Mali
[18 posts-5 vacant]
Mali digs and prepares flower beds; mows the lawns; cleans the weeds; cleans the garden in general; plants trees shrubs and hedges; other jobs related to the garden. 
45.  Safaiwala
[21 posts-5 vacant] 
Safaiwala cleans and keeps the entire Library premises neat and tidy.
46.  Assistant Manager
[1 post]
The duties of the following Departmental Canteen Staff are yet to be approved. 
47.  Counter Clerk / Salesman
[1 post]
48.   Assistant Halwai
[ 1 post]
49.   Cook
[ 1 post]
50.  Bearer
[ 7 posts ]
51.  Wash-boy
[ 3 posts ] 
52.  Sweaper
[1 post ]

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