15. Names, Designations and other particulars of
the Public Information Officers

In terms of Sub-Sec. (1) of Sec. 5 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 the following officers of the National Library are designated as Public Information Officers (PIOs) in respect of the specific subject matter mentioned against each:
 SL. No.  Designation Name of Officer occupying the post on the date of order   Telephone Number  Subject Matter
1.  Principal Library & Information Officer-(I)  Dr R Ramachandran  2448-4754
Professional, technical and readers service related matters including modernisation of Library.
2.  Senior Administrative Officer (SAO)  Shri M Kabasi  2479-1381-1384
Matters related to Administration, Establishment, Accounts & Official Language (Hindi), etc 
 [This is in partial modification of the OO No. 944 of 2005-2006, dt. 29.11.2005.].

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